A few words about Debbie Quick's  ancestral loom project:

The Union 36 loom dates back to the 1900s. Once a source of supplemental income for her blue collar farming family, the one in gallery at Sediment has been passed down to Debbie through generations of women in her ancestral line. She will be using it to explore the legacy of women's labor, place, and class through an endlessly growing amount of rag rug yardage that covers the gallery floor.

A few words about the storefront feature:

In connecting to women’s labor, Debbie Quick selected three woman with labor intensive practices who are researching through the lens of accumulations and remnants. 


Links to the artists' websites:

Debbie Quick

Meg Roberts Arsenovic

Kiara Pelissier

Jeanne Medina



remnant accumulation

By Debbie Quick




Meg Roberts Arsenovic

Kiara Pelissier

Jeanne Medina



Opening, Friday July 6th from 6-9pm

Exhibition runs through July 22nd, 2018

Open Fridays and Saturdays 1-6pm