Limited edition publication featuring the works of 34 participating artists will be released on February 22nd.

To purchase a personal copy for $12, or to purchase a copy for us to send to a public representative of your choice, follow the link HERE.

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Continuing the current discourse, SEDIMENT is hosting an open call for works and messages that respond to the social political climate at this moment. After the election, after the inauguration, after the marches, we are still in dialogue. Using the gallery as a platform and place of meditation, let us reflect on these past weeks, let us continue the exchange. Let us mark this time of action and the sound of our voices. Let us allow the energies we are collectively building continue to move us.


OPEN Friday through Sunday 1-6PM



SEDIMENT Exhibitions Presents: 
"Maternity Leave: Para-Natural Pregnancies", by Devin Harclerode + Kristen Sanders

Opening reception on March 3rd from 6-9pm.
Exhibition runs through March 26th. 
Gallery hours Friday, Saturday, Sunday 1-6pm.

Maternity Leave: Para-Natural Pregnancies is a collection of six suits that invoke notions of “anti-fertility” and preternatural birth. Exploring various birthing phenomena through mythmaking,the outfits work to disintegrate the stigmas, regulations, and narratives surrounding the relationship between having a uterus and giving birth. 

With wearable suits as our medium, we give power to the performative identity. 

We deconstruct conventional outfit making materials to imagine a fashion that can shift our reality of what giving birth means. Our labor is interested in appropriating “women’s work”, emphasizing its gendering and selling ready-to-wear accessories to subvert the unpaid status of domestic and reproductive labor. 

The collection examines how pregnancy and birth distorts and redefines what is human and thus what is “femininity”. The aim is to shift the stigmas in the positive by investigating phenomena such as scifi human-alien hybrid birth, fetus mutation, Hippocrates’ treatises on infertile woman, female hominid ancestors, ancient birth control, and witchcraft. 
Ultimately, our suits embody characters that evoke the prehuman, the human, and the parahuman - considering metaphorical fertility as something fluid and something to weaponize. 

Come see Maternity Leave with cash in hand to buy the ready-to-wear accessories with your contributions going to the Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project ( to fund abortions for those that otherwise would not be able to afford them!

SEDIMENT Events is thrilled to present:

a one-night event featuring music by Sinister Haze and prints by illustrator Mike Lawrence.

Mike Lawrence is an illustrator of South African descent currently residing in Atlanta, GA. Lawrence will be in Richmond to showcase prints of his illustrations as well as a new custom t-shirt designed for the Richmond-based band, Sinister Haze. Mike has previously worked with InterArma, Pallbearer, Mortals, Mastodon, In the Company of Serpents, among others. To show their gratitude the Haze with be performing an hour long set in the gallery. Limited edition prints will be for sale during this one-night only event!

Richmond VA’s Sinister Haze offers a unique heavy psychedelia fueled by science fiction, the occult, mental illness, and bad decision making. With multiple ep’s and last years' critically acclaimed full length debut "Laid Low in the Dust of Death", Sinister Haze offers The Emperor of Dreams showcase for anyone that’s been interested in the band these past years. It is an offering of what is to come. Over an hour's worth of mind-washing black matter and star dust, a spectrum of emotion warped through a psychedelic dream...or nightmare, devoid of space and time… an audio assault on all of reality.

We ask you to join us Saturday the 25th asking only for donations and a commitment to space out. 

Gallery preview at 8pm. 
Sounds at 9pm.
Donations of ~$5 encouraged.