May 6th - May 28th 2015




Kim Zitzow, border poster #3, 2015


On May 6 2016 through May 28 2016 SEDIMENT presents Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) + Virginia River Healers (VRH), an exhibition of the work of the two artist collectives from across the country. Issues of public land management in the west alongside private corporate PR tactics in the east form the foundations by which each collective has initiated projects to amplify awareness of what goes on out there. (Is there really an out there ?) Through imaginative and performative tactics generated by each group, the exhibition explores the potential for artists to be powerful cultural agents in interpreting the systems that shape our world, and the values that people hold for the future of our planet.

An Environmental Impact Statement is required documentation that the government must collect to show potential impact on the environment before development occurs. This process has been increasingly dismantled by industry and removed from public involvement. 

Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is an artist collective based in Portland, OR that derives its name from this required documentation. EIS seeks to redefine the form, scope and potential impact of an environmental impact statement through artist research and response. EIS has created spaces for expression and conversation around ecological, social and political issues central to public land management on Mt. Hood. The project also questions the role of the artist in the debate of managing public lands. 

Given the current state of deregulation in the state of Virginia, and the absence of sufficient Environmental Protection Agency testing it is up to citizens to determine corporate misconduct. Virginia River Healers is a civil disobedient environmental group based in Richmond, VA. The Healers use science, prayer, and group tactics to help equip local communities and Virginia citizens with the knowledge, instruments, and professional support to monitor local waterways and industrial wastelands. 

A lecture series and catalog will accompany the exhibition. 
Opening reception on May 6th from 6-9pm.

Organized by Kim Zitzow with Lisa Schonberg (EIS) and Tom Burkett (VRH)


Gary Wiseman
Heather Treadway
Jodie Cavalier
Jodi Darby
Kim Zitzow
Leif Lee
Lisa Schonberg + Anthony Brisson
Ryan Pierce
Tom Burkett
Virginia Marting + Tim Brock

“The best kind of art serves as an unexpected disruption, a proactive agent, a conduit of cultural transformation. Seen through the eyes of an artist, the activity of a canvasser becomes a rich generative form. Patterns begin to emerge: rhythms, poetry, stories, shapes, artifacts. Suddenly, canvass turf becomes a “canvas” on which new possibilities might be explored or even realized. “ 

- From Art of the Canvass by Gary Wiseman


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