Kairos Dirt & the Errant Vacuum

Directed by Madsen Minax

Friday, September 22nd from 8pm-10pm

Q&A with Kifah Foutah following the screening



Video artist Madsen Minax's new cult classic, Kairos Dirt & the Errant Vacuum, follows a middle school lunch lady, her multiple lovers and eccentric friends as they make contact with a trans-worldly ghost in an food-obsessed alternate sex-space-time. Eerie Lynchian tactics and campy John Water's vibes unite as television monitors, radio frequencies, orifices and dreams all become portals to access the mysterious, carnal dimension.

Praise for Kairos Dirt -

"...Plunges the viewer into a dreamlike state." -- The Memphis Flyer

"Kairos Dirt gleefully elides genre and gender categories" -- Brooklyn Magazine

“The most unusual film… "Kairos Dirt" is an unclassifiable mix of far-out metaphysics (think "Donnie Darko") and the occasional startling image (think John Waters).” – The Commercial Appeal

Review -

Awards -

Best Feature, Indie Memphis Film Festival



Herbs for Emotional Resilience

With Rachel Burgos

Wednesday, September 27th from6-8PM

$8 suggested donation

[Sliding scale, please give what you can to support this program.]

Number of participants is limited, please purchase a ticket through our online store here. A few spots will be reserved at the door. 

Learn to how to use herbs to help support the body, mind, and spirit in times of social and environmental turmoil. Plants can help us when we confront stressful situations inside and outside of ourselves. Oftentimes unresolved trauma or unexpressed emotions can build up and manifest as a physical ailment. Working with herbs can help us to take our mental and physical health into our own hands. 

In this workshop we will focus on trauma, mental health concerns, anxiety, stress and grief. We will discuss emotional resilience, what it means, rituals for self-care and cultivating a strong emotional backbone, and using herbal allies.

In the second part of the class we will learn a hands-on ancient infusion technique called "Oxymel" using the herbs we have discussed in class. "Oxymel" is derived from latin, meaning "acid and honey" -- we will be making our own herbal infused oxymels using fresh and dried herbs, flower essences, apple cider vinegar, and honey. Attendees will go home with their own herbal infusion!

• • •

Rachel Burgos is an herbalist residing in the Mojave desert town of Joshua Tree, California or occupied native Cahuilla land. The desert is her home and teacher. She is a clinical herbalist dedicated to providing preventative health care and education using plant, stone, animal & earth medicines in a holistic way. This encompasses but not limited to focusing on the patterns of imbalance we create through various traumas, ancestral patterning for both chronic and acute, emotional, physical or spiritual imbalances.