walled-structure construction:

artists material lists:

Alexandra Leon, Carl Marin, Evelyn Walker, Janelle Proulx

material drive #1:

with performances by:

Evana Roman, Claire Elise Bloe, Dana Ollestad, Emmett Methvan, Tommy Birchett

material drive #2:

with performances by:

gull, mutwawa, drippy inputs, mall prowler, and DJ sets by Chino Amobi 

opening reception:

M I X I N G / M A K I N G / E X C H A N G I N G (and publication release)

the closing event for The All-Nighters, made possible with the support of a special cycle grant from CultureWorks, starts on Friday, October 2nd. All the unused materials from The All-Nighters will be brought back into the gallery along with basic tools and supplies for the public to make new pieces, collaborate with each other, and exchange what you make for another work of what you consider equal value. This “silent auction/rally” is open for anyone to participate, you are encouraged to come with friends and family and make works to exchange with one-another.

Remaining materials include: 40+ cut panels of smooth plywood ranging from 6” square to 12”x16”, acrylic paint and brushes, fabric, shells, white marble, various glues, 30+ 6” metal springs with hooks, four glass mirrors, various glass containers, drawing paper, photographs and slides, photo books, molding clay, and more. 

SEDIMENT’s team, along with one of the All-Nighters artists, Janelle Proulx, will serve as guides–leading you through the materials and opening-up possibilities for making and collaborating with one another. 


Thank you to CultureWorks' Richmond Arts and Culture District Microgrant Program for their support of this special event.



The SEDIMENT team is releasing a publication for The All-Nighters exhibition that reveals many hidden aspects of the process, including the artists own statements, screenshots from the web cameras, reflection statements from the exhibition organizers, and selected images taken throughout the cycles.The publication includes ten 4x6 postcards, one fold-out poster, two 1/4 letter booklets, exhibition flyers with a silkscreen print, and other ephemera, packaged in a laser-cut box.