Katie Wynne + Haynes Riley

April 7th - 30th, 2017


“Outside and inside are both intimate—they are always ready to be reversed, to exchange their hostility. If there exists a border-line surface between such an inside and outside, this surface is painful on both sides.”
Gaston Bachelard, The Poetics of Space

We are held together
in the doorway
worn surrogates
in a house

We are living together
walking the perimeter
the tenuous edge
of a lost volume

We are common objects
plotting course
caught between
drawing circles in a house

Familiars presents the work of Katie Wynne and Haynes Riley, two artists whose recent work utilizes personal, commonplace objects to explore a language of otherness and recognition. Riley and Wynne have worked together in the past, as designer and artist respectively, to publish a continuing series of non-observational drawings. The most recent publication, familiars, sparked the foundational conversation for this exhibition.