April 2018

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WHIZ WORLD is a publication founded by Queen Whiz, Furtips, and Ghost Whiz with the mission to highlight the lived experiences of women artists. The whizzes write from a speculative magical feminist perspective and invite others to adopt and write from a whiz persona that encapsulates their essential power. Based in the redwood biome of Northern California, WHIZ WORLD forms a network of readers and contributors to battle pervasive sexist oppression through the powerful mystique of the Whiz persona.

The Whizzes, traveled across the 37th meridian to debut Whiz World Issue 2 in Richmond including a reading of Whiz World by Furtips, Queen Whiz, and Ghost Whiz followed by a meditation specially prepared for Richmond, by Wind of Whizzes. 

Whiz World Storefront Feature ran April 6th through April 29th, 2018.


Are you there GHOST WHIZ? It’s me, ________. The summoning mechanism for the dignified Ghost Whiz. You may encounter her within the dusts of the southern Desert Realm, but in most cases, Ghosty appears before whizzy folk in their times of much needed whignity (whiz dignity) and guidance.

QUEEN WHIZ is a Jewhiz, an environment awareness specialist, and shapeshifter. She has the gift to beckon forth an army of WHIZZES no matter her local. BEWARE WHEN SHE CREEPS IN YOUR PRESENCE!

FURTIPS is an east coast whiz adjusting to many microclimates of northern California. She wears a beard of redwood boughs and dwells amongst our vegetal allies, with her silver furred canine always nearby. One of her powers is giving pro(fur)tips on whizzin’.

WIND OF THE WHIZZES' bio is missing because she was in the wilds of the Island of California intently meditating on the fluttering flight patterns of a bird of prey.