Travis Austin

May 2018

Stemming from my experiences with sound and virtual technology, I investigate juxtapositions of flux and form, and the virtual and the real, taking shape in works that are simultaneously seen, unseen, material and immaterial. We don’t always perceive it, but we are surrounded by flux. Natural environments constantly transform and social contexts continuously shift, their events causally threading over a duration that can only be imagined. From our fundamental limitations, we may find a common forum for sharpening our means of perception.

Born in Austin, TX, Travis Austin holds an MFA in Performance and Interactive Media Arts from Brooklyn College. His practice is cross-disciplinary, focusing on formal and aural relationships and the flux of the material environment. He has studied under David Grubbs, Stephen Vitiello, and Vito Acconci. He is an associate of the Order of the Third Bird, a recent contributor to the publication The Value of Academic Discourse: Starting Conversations that Matter (Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group) and a recent presenter at The Learner’s International Conference in Vancouver, Canada and SOUND-IMAGE in London, England. Travis currently lives in Richmond, VA.


Performance by Gregory Blake  

May 25th, 7:30pm

This happening and lecture is an exercise in recontextualizing, reimagining, and rewriting a previously compiled and published document. In the scroll, nothing is fixed. The digital scroll, the New Spectacle of Digital Acceleration, implies a devastating truism of information constantly in motion. Greyory Blake recently received his MFA in Photography and Film from VCU.