RVA Noise + SEDIMENT Present:

"The music of Jonathan Borges and Shannon Kennedy of Pedestrian Deposit could best be described as highly composed, focused and dynamic, experimental music that draws on their widely varying music talents. From Borges’s interest in such areas as electronics, tape loops, sampling, field recording, and feedback, to Shannon’s use of classical instruments, contact mics and manipulated metal objects, the duo combine elements of musique concrete, ambient, drone, classical and harsh noise."

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With Special Guests
La La Jacuzzi (Boston)
La La Jacuzzi is from Boston and residents at the Smokey Bear Cave. Some of the members are from LSDV and Fume Hood. "We aim to cleanse the pores, relax the rumpus and soothe the soul with a combination of warm massaging jets, and a self cleaning filtration system."