“A lot of what we call interpretation is really just paying close attention” 

-David Salle

Paying Attention is an exhibition presenting the various research strategies and preliminary processes artists utilize in order to give form to their experiences, interests, and current events. Invited artists were asked to share some aspect of their ideations that are integral to how they foster introspection and divergent thinking in their art making. Works presented in the exhibition include the traditional sketchbook, digital archives, material experiments, and writing exercises.  Paying Attention offers a glimpse into how artists understand their work as a conversation within art and social history. 

Featuring process works by: Jon Duff, Bryan Lewis Saunders, Joana Stillwell, Joe Yorty, Christopher Mahonski, Catherine Fairbanks, Brianna Rigg, Josh Thorud, Nicolas O’Brien, Sara Clarken, Carl Marin, Suzuki Elico, Yasuto Yura, Jon-Phillip Sheridan, Courtney McClellan, Alexandra de Leon

Paying Attention runs through October 9th.  Opening reception on Friday, September 2nd from 6-9pm.  Closing event on Friday, October 7th from 6-9pm.

In conjunction with Paying Attention, Sediment is opening our Public Art Book Library, featuring 300+ contemporary art publications from rare exhibition catalogs too formative essay collections. The Library is made possible by contributors including members of Sediment and permanent gifts from friends including Knight Landesman (ArtForum). The Library offers public access during gallery hours on Saturday and Sunday from 1pm to 6pm. Many of the features books are recent publications and not available in any other library in the Richmond area. Visitors are also welcome by advanced appointment outside of gallery hours.