SEDIMENT Presents: 
A performance based on the Korean
굿 (gut ritual) 

By Rin Kim and Kotone Deguchi
June 4th, 2017 promptly at 9pm


a preparation. one spirit leaves the body. ten thousand return.

i will be the rightful god of this new body.

i will dream of death. i will dream of swimming in clear water. i will dream of blood and of being in the mountains.

all ten thousand spirits will have these dreams.

enter with your shoes off. come quietly. bring an offering for the good luck of dreams.

Artist Statements:

Rin Kim is a graphic design and performance artist interested in hyperfocused movements of a particular upheaval, an ongoing irruption that re-arrange every assumption of the equivalence of subjectivity and identity within themselves and their interruption of self by inviting others into ritual based design/performance pieces. Their work focuses on interpreting racial/family trauma, ceremony, ancestry, luck, and the body after death.

Kotone Deguchi is a sculpture and installation performance artist who believes in horizon lines, the weight of form, felt color, the shape held by the space of an object. Their work arranges balance of object, internal resonance, personal familial cultural lineage, and self sought truth.