Video Party USA Tour

February 9th and 10th, 2018, 8:00-10pm

[Two different 90 minute programs of short films]



The world of independent filmmaking is full of infinite possibilities, and new images have been created one after another every year. VIDEO PARTY aims to introduce increasing numbers of individual film projects in various places. 

Beyond the creator's affiliation and status, we make efforts to introduce a variety of works including drama (fiction), animation, experimental, and documentary films. VIDEO PARTY collaborates with film festivals, educational institutions and screening organizations to promote exchange screenings.

Beginning at Lumen Gallery in Kyoto, then Sapporo, Japan, VIDEO PARTY 2017 has screened in Taiwan, Korea, Macao, and China. We are very excited for our first screening in the United States.

VIDEO PARTY is an annual international film screening founded and organized by Yasuto Yura, based at Lumen Gallery in Kyoto Japan.

Yasuto Yura graduated in Video Studies from Kyoto College of Art, 1991. He participates in international film festivals as well as media art festivals. He is an Associate Professor at Osaka Seikei University Faculty of Art and Design, as well as part-time lecturer at Kyoto Seika University and Doshisya Woman's College of Liberal Arts. Organizer of VIDEO PARTY. Program director of Lumen Gallery, Kyoto, Japan.

Yasuto Yura  http://www.yurayas.net/

Lumen Gallery  http://www.lumen-gallery.com/

Video Party  http://www.lumen-gallery.com/vp/index-e.html


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