Nelly Kate / Michele Seippel / John Dombroski

Seippel Label V7 Compilation Release Event


SEDIMENT Events hosts Seippelabel's V7 Compilation Album Release Show featuring Nelly Kate, John Dombroski, Michele Seippel.

Friday, May 19th from 7:30-11pm. $5-$10 entry.

Michele Seippel: ambient // live collage // computer music

"Michele Seippel's work deals with the intersections of mediums. In order for mediums to intersect, they must have a common thread: time. Her live sets are comprised of captured personal moments. They contain audio diaries where she is able to find a home for the physical and not so concrete memories with the use of field recordings, voicemails, and video collage, while manipulating them in real-time. The use of motion controllers, looping and audio analysis creates an ephemeral experience for the audience. By using node based programming she processes layers, blurring both imagery and soundscapes. Michele hopes to provoke the audience into reminiscing about fleeting memories that often escape our consciousness. "

"Michele is a graduate from Virginia Commonwealth with degrees in Kinetic Imaging and Painting and New Genres. Her live performances have allowed her to participate in galleries, theaters domestically and abroad. She currently make sounds in a little green house in Santa Clara, California and runs a neat net label over at"

Nelly Kate: live vocal looping // electronic // ethereal soundscape

"Ambient pop that blends layers of synth, vocals, and samples like an ebbing tide."

John Dombroski: live radio // electronic // modular synth

"John Dombroski uses live radio, modular synthesizers, loop machines, historic music samples, microphones, audio feedback, field recordings, granular synthesis, a harmonica, a slinky, and his gender-bent otherwise processed voice to make site-specific sonic happenings."