Taylor Simone

May 2018


The exhibition, Medium, by Taylor Simone unfolds with a series of still pieces, activated as artifacts of the process, and leads to the video piece, Manic in the Middle: A Monument to the Shredded. Through the lens of a figure that lies between binary opposition, the viewer is invited to explore a personal exploration of manic destruction, reconstruction and settling within the friction of gridlock. In the video the artist speaks to these themes by creating and simultaneously destroying as a form of rejecting picking between the lesser two. Often, the audio repeats the phrase, “I don’t want to choose”, referring to hardline divisions. 

Taylor Simone is a graphic artist, designer and writer from metro Detroit. Through visual narrative, Simone explores the idea of claiming space between binaries. These binaries in reference to identity politics, virtue, spirituality and time. The creation of these spaces sits between design speculation practice and performance. Stewart integrates various media, such as video, illustration, photography and sound, through ritual practices. They are currently receiving their MFA in Visual Communications from Virginia Commonwealth University. Medium seeks to explore the effects of sitting outside and within polarization.