SEDIMENT Events Presents:

A Showcase of Unconventional Music ft.

Thursday, May 11th, 2017
Doors at 7:30pm. Sounds at 8pm.
208 East Grace Street, Richmond VA 23219

DESICCANT (Philadelphia)
Desiccant is a newly formed duo featuring Andy Borsz of Slasher Risk & Mat Rademan aka Newton. You know them both. On their own they each have found a unique place in the North American Underground Experimental/Freak/Noise/Weirdo scene since the late 1990s/early 2000s. Now they join forces as Desiccant, creating the sort of grimy output only possible from decades of dropping earplugs in beer and sweat-soaked basements. Weaving a bleak tapestry with samplers, tape loops, synthesizes, and rubbish, Desiccant aims to guide listeners through a wasteland of music concrete and harsh noise into a dramatic and engulfing New American drone. It's the deliberate and aged sound of failed relationships, putting the family pet to sleep, and holding the hand of a sick loved one. This is your soundtrack for dying in a desert and not caring.

NOISE NOMADS (Northhampton MA) 
Caveman percussion, noise and action all mooshed into a huge art-apocalypse that happens one time and then never happens quite the same way again. Jeff Hartford — Mr. Noise Nomad, himself — approaches every show like a happening, and he creates a vibe and vision that will hang in yr head and ears long after the fire has burned out (as it were). -Byron Coley

Freaky experimentalist from Miami, FL, severely abstract electronic music, chock full of textural surprises, evocative vocal loops, dynamics ,minimalism and noise.

Embarker is the solo project of audio visual artist Michael Roy Barker. Mb uses a variety of electronics, modular synthesizer, homemade instruments, voice and processed audio collages to create hyperkinetic, genre-bending music that is often used as a soundtrack to found videos or as an interactive audio visual experience.

DAVE PUBLIC (Providence)
Dave Public has been pretending to make disjointed electronic nonmusic solo since 2000, also playing drums in bands such as Suffering Bastard and Finished. He works primarily with samplers, tapes and feedback loops.

buttfinger will go down the ladder of irrelevant normal behavior of living sound to statically pestering thoughts of disease and localized pain through feelings by scratching the mind towards an optimum release, relief by giving us the touch of physical sound through non physical mind of each one of us as a nucleus around which both negative and positive quality circles break, as in the sub-atomic level the negative and positive qualities, have been observed by the use of a pendulum.