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John Wiese is an artist and composer living in Los Angeles, California. He works primarily in recorded and performed sound with a focus on installation and multi-channel diffusions, as well as scoring for large ensembles. He has toured extensively throughout the world, covering the US, UK, Europe, Scandinavia, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. He is also a founding member of the concrète grindcore band Sissy Spacek.

Local support from:

Broadcastatic is the work of Tommy Birchett a long standing figure in the local experimental music community. Broadcastatic, originally a local richmond collaborative radio show, is an audio/video project focused on active manipulation of input/output routing using a combination of improvisation, mechanical manipulation, feedback loops, and randomization.

I.G.M. is the work of Ian McColm, a multi-instrumentalist and composer based out of Richmond, Virginia. A drummer since the age of 8, he was admitted to Oberlin Conservatory of Music, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Jazz Studies under the tutelage of master drummer Billy Hart. McColm has performed nationally and internationally in a variety of ensembles including the drone/ambient duo, Nagual, as well as under his solo moniker, I.G.M.