RVA Noise + SEDIMENT Present:

(Providence RI/Chapel Hill, CGI Records/ex Lazy Magnet)
"Having fully devoted the better part of 2 decades tearing music apart from every conceivable angle and putting it back together as only he can, the wanderer also known as JEROME has constructed some of the tuffest house abstractions using only what will fit in the backseat of his '81 Rabbit. Not much is known about this lazy magnet but his sound is indeed magnetic, huge round bass lines ground the unrestrained dubby house experiments happening around it. The results produce a hypnotic and moving dancefloor experience."

(NYC/Atlanta/RVA Acoustic Division/ex Featureless Ghost)
"Techno that sucks the air out of the room and charges the void with an inescapable atmosphere of enchantment and control. Distilled from smoke and mirrors and spun from the hypnotist's lyre, her machinery leaves its trace everywhere, as fragments of desire dissolve into the presence of total submission. An intoxicant of the most refined beauty..."

Visuals provided by Fantastic Lands