SEDIMENT presents the installation, Gravity Assist, for Artist Run organized by Tiger Strikes Asteroid and The Satellite Show Miami at The Ocean Terrace Hotel, 7410 Ocean Terrace, Miami Beach FL. 

Gravity Assist features sound pieces that responded to the recent fly-by event of NASA’s spacecraft, New Horizons, whose primary target was the outer dwarf planet, Pluto. The audio works speak to relationships with Pluto or other planetary bodies including our own, to the human longing that comes with distant and detached explorations of intangible objects, as well as the role of speculation and scientific discovery in defining what is within or without our physical world and imagination. To address the time duration of New Horizons’ journey from Earth to Pluto of nine years, five months, and twenty-five days, all audio tracks were composed to be nine minutes and five seconds in length. 


For SEDIMENT’s installation at Artist-Run, eight Richmond-based visual artists were selected to create sculptural works in response to one selected audio track curated from the To: Pluto compilation. Visual artists include Alex Artz, Paloma Barhaugh-Bordas, Nicole Killian, Christopher Mahonski, Jordan Marty, Theo Mullen, Matthew Shelton, Evana Roman. Sound works by Cecilia, Vitiello/Donne/The OO-Ray, Simon Serc, Toner War, Elizabeth Williams/Christian Meudt, IGM, David Moré, Gary Rouzer. Nicholas O’Brien has created a site-specific window installation for SEDIMENT’s room #201. Gravity Assist is curated by Claire Zitzow.


More about the event, from Tiger Strikes Asteroid:

Tiger Strikes Asteroid is pleased to announce its partnership with The Satellite Show, produced by Art Market Productions for art fair week in Miami this December. Our project, Artist-Run, focuses on the artist-run space, a thriving alternate model of support, exchange, and community to the established commercial market. From collectives with permanent spaces to one-person pop-up curatorial nomads, Tiger Strikes Asteroid will bring together an international representation of forty of these initiatives in a repurposed hotel. Each room will feature a different installation/environment by one of these groups. 

Eighteen different American cities and two European cities will be represented in the hotel, highlighting the global draw that the artist-run movement has for artists in the contemporary art world. Artist-Run’s focus on installations and environments will distinguish this exhibition from the white-box displays taking place throughout Miami during the week. 

Tiger Strikes Asteroid is a network of artist-run spaces with locations in Philadelphia, New York, and Los Angeles. Each space is independently operated and focuses on presenting a varied program of emerging and mid-career artists. Our goal is to collectively bring people together, expand connections and build community through artist-initiated exhibitions and curatorial opportunities. 

SATELLITE, a new project series brought to you by Brian Whiteley (founder of the Select Art Fair) and Art Market Productions, will debut this December 1 – 6 in Miami Beach. SATELLITE will populate several unoccupied beachfront properties, with each distinct venue stewarded by notable art organizations and curators. The goal of SATELLITE is to initiate new conversations and to foster experiential and exploratory interactions with art. 

Art Market Productions produces: art on paper, Art Market San Francisco, Market Art + Design, Seattle Art Fair, Texas Contemporary and Miami Project. 

This event has been made possible by the generous support of Ocean Terrace Holdings, the developer responsible for the vision of Ocean Terrace’s future. Their vision for this section of North Beach, one of South Florida’s hidden gems, is to create a catalyst for the rebirth of Ocean Terrace and upper Collins Avenue and further the area’s revitalization. The neighborhood will once again be a thriving, vibrant center for North Beach residents, and a high quality destination for visitors from all over the world to celebrate life, community, and to enjoy beautiful historic hotels, shops, open spaces, art and architecture.

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