10.03.2014 - 10.10.2014

An interactive installation across three cities by artists Ela Boyd and Aaron Farley

Expanded Cities is an interactive installation that occurs within three galleries in different cities simultaneously. SEDIMENT, Richmond, Virginia, Gazelli Art House, London, UK, and Mexicali Rose, Los Angeles, California, all host a light installation of atmospheric color fields through the month of October, 2014. Much like being inside a smoky color gradient photograph, the gallery visitors within one’s field of vision become silhouettes–bodies in space. Along the walls are what appear to be photographic prints that mirror both live and prerecorded occurrences in each cities’ gallery space. One is never sure if they are interacting with the present or the past and begins to realize their own image is beaming into other spaces–causing the same spatial and temporary confusion for gallery visitors in the two other cities.Expanded Cities involves variable programming throughout the exhibition as live performers, dancers, sound artists and performance artists choreograph gestures within the gallery that reverberate through-out the three cities.

View the Expanded Cities website HERE.


Aaron Farley is a photographer and video director based in Los Angeles. He is also the partner and curator of THIS Gallery in Los Angeles.

Ela Boyd is a recent graduate of the UCSD Visual Art MFA program. She is originally from Hollywood, CA and received her BFA from California College of Arts in San Francisco. She currently lives and works in London, UK. In her work, she explores issues of the relationship between media, representation and visual perception with the interplay of light, space and time. Her methodology involves collapsing spatiotemporal modalities using photographic images, sculpture and new media installation works. Her work has been included in the Pacific Standard Time Exhibition, Phenomenal Light, Space and Surface at Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, San Diego Museum of Art, Oceanside Museum of Art, LA Center for Digital Art, Lawrence Ascher Gallery, Barnsdall Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery and Pharmaka Gallery. She recently attended an artist residency at Wassaic Project in New York, Est Nord Est in Quebec, and has been included International exhibitions in Canada and Portugal.