2.25.16 - 3.26.16

Matt Barton, Charlotte Rodenberg, and Josh Rodenberg

Celestial Mystic Spirits is a collaborative exhibition of three creative peers Matt BartonJosh Rodenberg and Charlotte Rodenberg. Each artist has interests in mysticism, parallel universes, transcendentalmeditation and the afterlife. This exhibition will display collaborative paintings, video/sound performancesand sculptures. 

Matt’s previous works include large scale installations utilizing sculpture, projected landscape, collaged imagery, and kinetic motion to create an immersive atmosphere full of kitsch sci- fi narrative.

Charlotte’s recent drawings weave images of forlorn children playing among celestial floating islands, barren deserts and lush utopian gardens overlaid with repetitious patterns. The paintings are created on clear vellum and have a three dimensional layered aspect. 

Josh’s current studio practice explores the meditative sound of skateboarding, utilizes synthesizers to distort video creating live abstract color projections and creates video performances personifying mountains, ice and fire.

Together the artists will create an ambient meditative space where imaginary, space and sound merge. While each of the three artists have collaborated on previous projects, this will be their first full scale three-person collaborative installation.