Bary Center w/  Gardener + TBA

Saturday, March 11th

Doors at 8:30pm, Sounds at 9pm


Bary Center, the musical moniker of Appalachia's Mark Williams, has released 10 different albums on various labels from the United States, Europe, and Asia since 2013. Using out-dated, semi-functional machines, BC creates an experimental techno soundtrack for the dark, sweaty basement in your soul.

"Bary Center’s music is massive and constantly in motion...fills these tunes with accessible hooks and inventive ways to package 4/4 rhythms to appeal to the raver (not me) and the internalizer (me) in equal measure. It’s a deft trick, and one that he’s continuing to pull off" -Cassette Gods

"..sounds like equal parts Ben Frost and Steve Reich, blended on an electric soundboard in hell. It is what I would expect to hear in the background if my life were a David Cronenberg film" -Tiny Mix Tapes

"The witness is treated to a truly organic experience as vocal layers intertwine with sequenced patterns and thunderous drones. Gardener exemplifies a true "Die Mensch-Maschine" ethos. When coupled with live construction of vocal knots, one can easily appreciate the synthesizer as an actual cyber-entity as well as performative instrument."  -Joe Bastardo, Moss Archive

Brandon Hurtado's new album, Buried In Rain, is came out earlier this year on Chicago's Lillerne Tapes. Buried in Rain was recorded mid-summer to early winter of 2016, and has been described as "Like a pretty ambient tape and some lost Codeine cassette melded together and got eaten by a car stereo." Somber and maybe lethargic.