Arrange the ________ in pairs so that each ________ has a ________

Maggie Flannigan & Robin Donnelly

July 9th, 5-7pm


Arrange the ________ in pairs so that each ________ has a ________ is a participatory exploration regarding the satisfaction of choice. Through the use of audience generated decisions the viewer will be presented with options allowing for a unique outcome. This performance is inspired by the interests and research of photographer Maggie Flanigan and performance artist Robin Donnelly. Deeply entranced by the ideas of romance and swipe culture, both artists explore ways of perceiving known experience in the digital age.

Maggie Flanigan is a Virginia based artist working with ideas of community, intimacy and immediacy. Being raised in a small town in the Blue Ridge Mountains has given her an insight into what it means to create artwork in a small community. Her experience in professional schools of crafts such as Penland and Arrowmont have helped to define her interests in teaching in a playful and supportive atmosphere while maintaining and cultivating an artistic community. Maggie Flanigan specializes in teaching art and photography at all levels as well as working with alternative photographic process, printmaking, and mixed media fiber arts.

Robin Donnelly is a performance artist based in Philadelphia, PA. Donnelly has an undergraduate degree in Fine Arts with a concentration in three dimensional studies from Moore College of Art & Design and a masters degree in sculpture from Tyler School of Art. She works with experience based performances that explore the measurement of notions, such as pain and closeness. A great deal of her past works have been grounded in collaboration in order to challenge the ideals of interpersonal relationships.